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This carefully blended polish is designed for smooth fabrics and gives Hypalon and PVC inflatable tubes an as new shine with long lasting effects. The fabric surface is sealed and water will bead up and run-off. Contains additives to protect against UV light damage.


  • A speedy solution providing a high gloss finish.

Directions of use:

  • Clean the tubes with Mint Rib Tube Restorer
  • Shake container before use and apply in small amounts with a soft cloth in small areas
  • Buff to a gloss shine
  • For best results apply out of direct sunlight. Try to avoid black plastic trim.

Oxford and Rodella Ribs of Poole worked closely to establish technical criteria for both a RIB tube cleaner and RIB tube finishing products. Rodella Ribs are experts in their field, designing RIB tubes & inflatable products for the world’s leading manufacturers and just like their clients, demand the highest standards. A variety of materials and finishes are used in RIB manufacture and each has its own challenges but with Rodella’s experience and extensive testing, we have developed specific RIB products that both meet and exceed their expectations.

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