Yamaha F4 B/ F5 A (2010+) Service Maintenance kit (RECKITF5A)

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Yamaha F4 B/ F5 A (2010+) Service Maintenance kit (RECKITF5A)

Order number: RECKITF5A

Spark Plug: NGKCR6HSB
Anode: PAF4-04070003
Gasket: PAF4-04000011
Gasket: PAF4-03000018
Fuel Filter: REC68T-24251-00
2x Drain Gasket: REC90430-08020
Anode: PAF4-03000022
Cotter Pin: PAGB/T91-1.6X12
Pin: PAF4-03000016
Impeller: PAF4-03060000
Spring: PAF4-04000030
Gasket: PAF4-04000006

In addition to this kit you will need Engine oil and gear lube, please ask if you are unsure what you need.

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