Starter Motor 2.2 (2200) & 2.5 (2500) leyland BMC thornycroft diesel engine TX4

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Electrical information
  Voltage 12
  Kw 2.1
Physical information
H No./teeth 10
P Rotation CW
N Gear type DD
A Mount. flange 89.00
I B+ M8
B Drive dist. 29.50
E Mount. holes 10.50
E Mount. hole 2 10.50
E Mount. hole 3 10.50
F Dist./back 243.00
G Dist./front 76.00
M Mount. bracket No
O Dist. mm 89.50
O Dist. 2 126.50
O Dist. 3 89.50
R Total length mm 336.50
Catalogue information
  Drive type Steel
  Waterproof No
  Oil sealed No
11.130.795 Iskra  
202-34960 Lister  
26153 lucas  
26153A lucas  
26153H lucas  
26153J lucas  
26153N lucas  
26166 lucas  
26166A lucas  
26166D lucas  
26166E lucas  
26166L lucas  
26286 lucas  
26286A lucas  
26286E lucas  
26286F lucas  
26286H lucas  
26286J lucas  
272-905 Lister  
27419 lucas  
27419A lucas  
27419D lucas  
27465 lucas  
27476 lucas  
27489 lucas  
2873126 Perkins  
2873153 Perkins  
2873A016 Perkins  
2873A105 Perkins  
63227489 Magneti Marelli  
91428729 Magneton (Pal/Skoda)  
AZJ3324 Iskra  
LRS138 lucas  
NSB515 lucas  
Boulter's Chandlery
31 Littlewood Lane
NR12 8PT
Boulter Marine
Ferry View Estate
NR12 8PT



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