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ProFlush Marine Engine Descaler

ProFlush is  a highly concentrate Marine Engine Descaler that removes salt and deposits from the cooling system of your engine. By doing so, it increases the efficiency and engine life. A great feature of this descaler is the fact that it contains a neutralisation indicator that shows that the product has worked by changing the colour of the liquid.

ProFlush is a synergistic blend of acidic compounds that work together to be more effective than when used separately. When ProFlush is actively neutralising deposits, you can see the effervescence and a colour change from red to orange, once all the scale and deposits present have been successfully dealt with, the effervescence will stop. All products have been neutralised when the liquid will constantly have a red colour. 

Key Features

  • Proflush marine will efficiently remove unwanted marine deposits including scale, salt deposits, light rust, magnetite and crustaceans that contribute to cooling problems in all marine engines
  • Has a very low hazard threshold and any waste can be neutralised with ease by mixing sodium bicarbonate or soda ash
  • Safe on metals, plastics, rubber gaskets and seals

Instruction For Use

Set up flow system for the engine coolant waterway. This product is red in colour and as it is neutralised by the scale it is removing. The colour will change from red to orange. For economy, add the product to your water reservoir in increments until the return solution remains red. This indicate that there is no more scale to be neutralised. This product can be used with any engine descaling equipment or a low cost submersible pump with the correct attachments.

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