Product no.: E-7135-104

Replacement gasket / seal kit

Delphi Cav

For delphi cav (522 crossland) type fuel filter housings 


HDF296, 7111-296, HDF796


5836B230, FDE5836B325, FDE-5836B325, FF30682, FINFF30682, FIN-FF30682

CAV 5836B325

LANDINI 12656615, 883786M91

LUCAS 5836B100, 5836B230

MASSEY FERGUSON 5836B100, 5836B230, 883786M91

PERKINS 2656615

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Product no.: Delphi-Standard-kit

This unit will replace the fuel filter unit mounted on most bmc, perkins, bukh, vetus, nanni, volvo penta, ford and many more engine brands Save time and fuss by fitting this screw canister type filter.

Single filter assembly large screw on filter

Easy replace filter spin on spin off

4 port size 1/2x20unf (same as standard units)

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Product no.: P917X

Common fuel filter that fits many many marine engines, fits the common fuel filter housing on BMC, Perkins, Leyland, Bukh. Also used as for pre filter system like Delph, CAV etc. Comes with Seal kit

We stock this filter in the Mann Filter and the Delphi Range, so you may recieve either brand, both brands are the best quality you can get.

The delphi Filter Number is 


If you are unsure of application to your engine please get in touch.

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